Study In USA


Study in USA

The United States is a world-famous study destination with hundreds of prestigious universities and colleges offering high-quality degrees and diplomas recognized by most employers worldwide. The USA’s flexible education system, multicultural environment, and ample career opportunities are some of the most prominent reasons that attract students from all over the world to this beautiful country to study at both the undergraduate and master’s levels. US universities offer many research programs which open up the gates for brilliant career options for students. Here are some more reasons why international students choose the USA as their study destination.

Benefits of studying in the USA for international students

Requirements to Study in USA

The US embassy primarily offers three types of Student visas: F1, M1, and J1. Most probably, the visa type you will need would be an F1 student visa. F1 Visa allows international students to complete their academic studies in the USA. M1 is for non-academic or vocational courses, and the J1 is for those international students who want to participate in the government-recognized cultural exchange programs.

Eligibility Criteria

Moreover, no fixed guidelines are for students for entry requirements in USA institutes. But for admission, the following documents must be considered carefully.

For UndergraduatesFor Graduates
High School Diploma and TranscriptsBachelor’s Degree + Transcripts (4 years of study)
Bank Letter with Adequate fundsBank Letter with Adequate funds
Affidavits of financial supportAffidavits of financial support
Passport CopyPassport Copy
I20 (After acceptance)Letter of Recommendation
Adequate funds for fee submissionResume
 I20 (After acceptance)
 Adequate funds for fee submission

How to Apply for Study Visa for USA

USA Study Visa Process

Almost every International Student wants to do a part-time job while studying. Due to day-to-day expenses, it has become necessary for students to work along with their studies. During the part-time job, students learn many things like Time Management, Work culture, etc. Students can find part-time jobs like Payroll Administrator, Part Time Advisor, Faculties Support and Care Assistant, etc.

Work while Study in USA

Earn while Studying

Part-Time work opportunities in the US can help you to earn enough to meet your daily expenses. It is also a great way to build a professional network and familiarize yourself with the American work culture. Although working part-time may not be enough to support entirely, it can certainly help to lower the cost. Internship work experience will undoubtedly look good in your resume.

However, you can't directly go out and get any desirable job as an international student. There are some rules that students must follow. Before you start finding a job in the USA as a student, contact your Designated School Official (DSO). Then, DSO will guide you throughout the procedure of applying for a Social Security Number, which is required for all students working in the US, and help you through various steps.

Employment Opportunities:

There are four ways for International Students to work legally in the US on an F1 (student) visa:

Curricular Practical Training (CPT): CPT is a temporary employment authorization or internship program that is intended to give students real-world experience in their Majors. the Internship may also have credit points. CPT work opportunities can be on Campus or off Campus.

  • On-Campus CPT: as an international student, you start your CPT as early as in the first semester of the class. You can work up to 20 hours per week under this program.


  • Off-Campus CPT: the majority of students choose off-Campus CPT programs. The significant benefit of doing an Internship off Campus is that It allows you to work a minimum of 40 hours a week.

Optional Practical Training (OPT):

OPT is temporary employment related to the study field by which eligible students can get up to 12 months of OPT employment.

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